About Us

Mission Statement:
"To Serve the Members' Financial Needs in the Most Convenient Way Possible"

The Hospital System Credit Union was chartered in 1972 by the State of Mississippi for the purpose of offering savings and low cost loans to members. It is a non-profit, democratically controlled organization adopting the credit union philosophy of People Helping People. Today, the Hospital System Credit Union is a full-service financial institution offering competitively priced, state-of-the-art financial products.

The primary sponsor of the Hospital System Credit Union is the Singing River Health System.

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an agency of the federal government, insures each account up to $250,000. You can be sure that your money is safe and sound.

The laws of the State of Mississippi and the Rules and Regulations of the Federal Credit Union Act govern the operations of the Hospital System Credit Union. The credit union officials are unpaid volunteers and are elected by the membership at the Annual Meeting. The governing arms are the Board of Directors, Supervisory Committee, and the Credit Committee.  Members are:


Supervisory Committee

Credit Committee

Randy Sanders, President Carolyn Wade, Chairman JoAn Russell, Chairman
Ray Barbour, Vice-President Sheila Bishop Pablo Garcia
Alton Delancey, Treasurer Jason Ely Janice Debose
Ann Pickett, Secretary Kathy Hartung Shun Johnson
Mike Saucier, Director Leigh Boutwell
Danne Dunn, Director    
Ron Cauley,  Director    

The Board of Directors are responsible for establishing policies by which the credit union operates and the general management of affairs, funds and records.

The Supervisory Committee is the auditing body of the credit union and is responsible for ensuring that accurate financial records are kept. They may be contacted via US mail at P O Box 353 Pascagoula, MS 39568

The Credit Committee has the responsibility of reviewing loan applications and recommending loan policy changes to the Board.


  • Betty Hutchinson, General Manager
  • Aimee Younger, Loan Manager
  • Jennifer Spiriti, Assistant Manager
  • Cindy Allison,  Administrative Assistant 
  • Anglea Franovich, Loan Dept Assistant
  • Olivia Lewis,  Electronic Funds Transfer Coordinator
  • Erika Stone, Loan Dept Assistant
  • Linda Pujdak, Member Service Specialist- Ocean Springs 
  • Kellie Broome, Member Service Specialist
  • Carolyn Tuttle, Member Service Specialist -Ocean Springs
  • Lauren Penton, Member Service Specialist
  • Lauren Coubert, Member Service Specialist

 Youll Enjoy Saving where you're a MEMBER OWNER,

 Not just a Customer!

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