Benefits of Brick Veneer

When the holidays are almost over, a lot of property owners start to inquire about the perks of having brick veneers. If you are one of them who also want to know the benefits that come with such home feature for any fireplace or wall project you are planning, keep in reading below: 

Great insulation 

Most brick veneer is sold and graded based on their insulation capacity—recognized as R-Values. Moreover, this means that they can utilize brick veneer just almost anywhere in your house to make the ideal level of style, comfort, and insulation. It can be on your kitchen backsplash, siding, walls, or fireplaces.  

Easy to install for DIY  

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, it is much simpler to maintain and install brick veneers compared to having full red brick. Here are some of the reasons why: 

  • Brick veneers need n very simple backup system in comparison to solid bricks that usually require a more expensive and heavier foundation.  
  • It is extremely simple to stain or paint brick veneer in the color that you want. 
  • A veneer is not high-maintenance once it is installed.  
  • Typically, one layer of masonry can do the trick. 

Lower time and monetary expenses than natural bricks 

The most selling benefit you can have if you consider having brick veneers is that they are cost at a very lower price compared to bricks of natural stone in all aspects like maintenance and cleaning expenses, the time consumed during maintenance and installation. Moreover, since the brick veneer today is just as durable as the traditional bricks, you can expect that they would last for quite a long time without the need to pay for expensive maintenance fees.  

A veneer is extremely lightweight 

Since a veneer is lightweight than natural bricks, it can be a lot easier to manipulate and deal with throughout the installation process. The surface below the brick veneer does not need too many weight-bearing elements. They can be set up on almost all types of residential walls as well.  

Similarly looks with natural bricks 

Way back several years, the differences between clay bricks or traditional concrete and brick veneer was jarring. You can simply spit which was natural and which was a veneer. But now, that’s not the case anymore. In fact, the modern brick veneers of today are made from shale and clay. This guarantees that the veneer’s texture, feel and appearance is almost similar to usual bricks. The only obvious difference they have is their thickness.  

  • Natural bricks are around 3-4 inch thick 
  • Veneer brick panels are almost 1-inch thick 

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