When to Have Your Chimney Repaired?

You cannot always determine the actual condition by just looking at it. However, there are a few obvious signs that scream that repairing your chimney might need to be repaired. Because chimney safety is comparable to the safety from potential fire hazards, all property owners who own chimneys need to know the following indicators of chimney damage that need chimney repair Glendale immediately.  

Cracked chimney crown 

Your chimney crown needs to be in great condition because it gives a first line of defense between the liner and the chimney and into the chimney as well that can result in spalling and shaling. For this kind of damage, the best solution and preventative measure would be to have your chimney crown and the chimney itself waterproofed.  

Shaling flue tiles 

If the liner gets damaged, the thin parts of chimney tiles can start piling up at the chimney’s bottom. Shaling and cracked flue tiles are telltales of an extreme condition that when you fail to fix it right away, it can be the reason why house fire happens. Nowadays, a lot of people are resorting to stainless steel liners that are commonly associated with lifetime warranties.  

As shaling flue tiles can be obvious, determining cracked flue liners will usually need a checkup by an expert chimney cleaner who utilizes a special camera. The camera can pinpoint possible flue issues that are challenging or nearly impossible to identify otherwise.  

Spalling bricks 

This phenomenon happens once the water is absorbed into the concrete, natural stone, or brick that encourages the masonry’s surface to either flake off, peel off, or pop out. Sometimes, the salt will be pushed inside out, resulting in spalling. It is quite easy to determine spalling because some masonry particles fall from the chimney. If you fail to repair this issue, then it will keep on crumbling and then eventually causes structural damage,  

Rusted firebox or damper 

If you can observe signs of moisture in your fireplace or chimney, consider those as a great indicator that the chimney is not functioning the way it’s supposed to be. Rust is a sign that excessive moisture is present and you may notice rust on the damper or in the firebox as well. Once your chimneys have moist, which is the major cause of rust, it can potentially make several issues, like making your flue tiles crack over time.  Once the flue lining gets deteriorated or cracked, it can be extremely hazardous because it can let excessive heat into vulnerable spaces, leading to a house fire.   

Damaged mortar joints 

A rooftop vantage might be required to point to spot. However, broken mortar joints between chimney masonry is a problem that needs to be repaired as soon as possible. Moreover, damaged mortar joints can indicate extreme chimney damage because the condition subjects the bricks to excessive amounts of moisture. Once the can pass through the tiny cracks in the masonry, they can become large cracks over time, especially due to thawing and freezing. Lastly, when you neglect to address the issue, your chimney can possibly breakdown.